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Christian Backgrounds

    Animals Backgrounds - Christian backgrounds featuring the animals that God has created - some fierce, some meek and mild, but all beautiful and created for the glory of God.

    Birds Backgrounds - Christian wallpaper of birds and flying creatures of the air. Photos and backgrounds of native wild birds God created on the fifth day.

    Buildings Backgrounds - Christian backgrounds featuring architecture and classic buildings of bridges, towers, chapels, and miscellaneous man-made structures.

    Fall Colors Backgrounds - Free Christians backgrounds and wallpaper featuring the beauty of God's creation in fall colors, leaves, weeds, and plants, and other wonders of the autumn season.

    Flowers and Plants Backgrounds - Free Christian wallpaper of flowers and plants. Photos of some of the beauty that God has created for our enjoyment, and for His pleasure.

    Forests and Trees Backgrounds - Christian backgrounds of shade trees, flowering trees and fruit trees, branches, and wonderful forests that God has created for our enjoyment and for our use.

    Landscapes Backgrounds - Christian backgrounds of landscapes, trees and countryside, mountains and ranges. Wallpaper of God's creation of natural beauty.

    Mountains and Valleys Backgrounds - Christian backgrounds featuring mountains and valleys showing the majesty of God. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.

    Sunrises and Sunsets Backgrounds - Christian backgrounds featuring sunrises and sunsets over lakes, mountains and valleys. From morning to evening, we see the beauty of all that God has created for His glory.

    Water and Waterfalls Backgrounds - Christian backgrounds featuring water and waterfalls. Lakes placid and warm, falls tumbling and crashing, all for God's wonderful purpose and plan.

    Winter, Snow and Ice Backgrounds - Christian backgrounds featuring evergreens in winter, frost, cold, snow and ice on trees and all around there's a chill in the air.

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